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FAQs: Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge

The cost of living in Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge depends on the date, rate, number of guests etc. Enter your dates to see prices.

Check-in at Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge is possible from 00:00, check-out is until 11:00.

Yes, you can find detailed information on the hotel’s page.

Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge has parking available for guests.


Cards accepted at this property are VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO & AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Yes, a credit card is required in order to guarantee reservations made online.

With our Flex rate, HRS customers can always cancel their hotel bookings free of charge before 6 pm on the check-in day.

A credit card is required for all reservations made via For your protection, the reservation processing is handled on a secured server that encrypts your credit card information.

Kilemakyaro Hotels & Lodges
Kilemakyaro Hotels & Lodges

Additional Questions

Yes, guests have access to cleaning services, for more information you can find on the hotel’s page.

Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge is 33 km away from the nearest airport (Kilimanjaro International Airport).

Kilemakyaro Hotels & Lodges is located at: Moshi Rural Area, Kilimanjaro – Tanzania.

Latitude: –3.2837242, Longitude: 37.3326375